What is KBoocha

Handcrafted in Woodend, Victoria

A fermented tea lightly effervescent

Naturally low in sugar

KBoocha contain vitamin B and probiotics for gut health

Flavours in KBoocha are naturally flavoured with real ginger, chilli & or apple pieces

Handcrafted Kombucha

Woodend, Victoria


Ginger | Chilli | Apple | Ginger-Chilli

750 ml                    $ 9.00

330ml                     $ 5.00

9 – 19 litre kegs available for home or business use

Now Selling:

Kyneton Farmers Market  (2nd Saturday / month)

Lancefield Farmers Market  (4th Saturday / month)

Homegrown On Piper Street – Kyneton (cafe)

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